CharActers 2005


It has been some time since Pascualina and Gustav met on the train from Istanbul to Paris. Pascualina feels she is unable to forget her former boyfriend Lucas who was her first love and finds it difficult to recognize everything is over. Pascualina and Gustav meet again in Paris and a deep friendship develops between them. Gustav helps her to understand and overcome the sadness she feels about Lucas and at the same time he helps her to acknowledge her own value. The sadness Pascualina feels starts to heal and Gustav feels more and more under the spell of her sweetness and sensitivity. Pascualina understands she is not a shallow girl and that she has a big heart able to show deep love. Gustav encourages her to show her feelings through painting and to use it as a means to better understand herself. 

The feeling that started as a friendship now turns into an unforgettable and sweet sentimental relationship.

Scenes 2005