CharActers 2006


Few months after the beginning of the romance between Pascualina and Gustav, don Pascual makes the announcement to the family that they will have to leave Paris and move to Barcelona.

Pascualina is afraid of telling Gustav the news as she does not want to lose him. Gustav has lately been distant and quiet since he had to end a two years relationship with Filomene in order to be with Pascualina. Filomene is a girl who suffers from intermittent anorexic crisis and now she is manipulating Gustav with her illness and has developed feelings of guilt in Gustav.

Pascualina is looking for the right moment to approach Gustav and talk to him. However he is constantly avoiding her. Filomene and the family problems invade his mind.

Pascualina in an attempt to beat the sadness caused by Gustav's decision to move away decides to participate in some psychology lessons where she learns about her fears and what anguish is which allows her to have a better understanding of herself.

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