CharActers 2007


Gustav moves to Barcelona to be closer to Pascualina. However what was at first a heroic action of love has turn into a continuous reproach towards Pascualina.  It is more and more difficult to deal with Gustav's distant and taciturn attitude. 

It is vacation time and Gustav decides to go to Naples with a different group of friends. Pascualina loves Gustav very much but she is not happy with him as their interests are every time more and more diverse. When Pascualina finds out about his trip she feels hurt and decides to end their relationship. Her father, who is concerned about her, takes advantage of the school holidays and invites Pascualina to spend some days with him in Bruges, her hometown. At her arrival to Bruges, Pascualina meets Jan. He is from Prague and is spending the season in Bruges as his grandfather has asked him to cheer up the children suffering from cancer at the hospital. Jan is a street artist who works with puppets, plays the balalaika and sings. Pascualina is ignorant about Jan's mission and considers him arrogant. At the same time Pascualina rejects Jan, she finds comfort and understanding from the friendship a peculiar character that walks Bruges under a disguise offers her. Little by little, Pascualina overcomes her sadness for Gustav and makes some room to hope in her heart.

Scenes 2007