CharActers 2008


After Pascualina finds out Jan and her friend in disguise are the same person, they start a sentimental relationship that goes through many difficulties in order to achieve consolidation. It is hard for Pascualina to convince herself that Jan and the person who offered her such sweet friendship are the same person and she acts a bit awkward in front of him. On the other hand, Jan feels insecure as he is not certain Pascualina has managed to forget Gustav. The situation becomes more tense when in Cracow during a theatrical tour Pascualina receives a letter from Gustav. Jan feels betrayed and decides to leave the town without saying goodbye to join his regular job at the circus. 

Pascualina has not had the time to let him know she will be moving to Prague. She had the hope the relationship would prosper if both were living in the same city. Pascualina was unaware Jan's artistic job forced him to be far from Prague most of the time. 

The family stops in Budapest before settling in Prague for good. Pascualina meets some friends in the city and together decide to attend the circus show on tour in the city. Pascualina does not know, but Jan has suffered an accident while he was in the trapeze and he might not walk again. Everybody conceals the news from Pascualina. She has been told Jan is out of town therefore she decides to wait near the circus until he returns. With the help of some friends in common, Jan struggles to recover his health and win her love back by using – according to his style– a strategy to approach Pascualina without being recognized.

Scenes 2008