CharActers 2009


After the happy encounter Pascualina and Jan had, they live a moment of peace and serenity in Prague. Nobody could tell that their lives would drastically change very soon. 

During a visit to Moscow, Jan is retained against his will. In few hours the boy who had always considered himself as an orphan finds out the truth about his father and family. A truth his grandfather had so much fought to hide. His father who was Russian, not Czech had not died in an accident but died in an attack in retaliation to his defection. Now the secret police tries Jan to replace his father who had been a wellknown circus artist and restore the public show. Without further explanations, he is forced to end his relationship with Pascualina by phone. Pascualina is disconcerted and unable to explain this dramatic change in Jan's attitude, decides to shelter herself in the love of her friends and to continue with the tour she has started with the Prague Theater touring Berlin, Paris and London. Pascualina does not know but the secret police has sent a young and attractive agent called Andriev to make sure Pascualina will not approach Jan. However the plan fails when Andriev starts to fall in love with Pascualina after talking to her and spending weeks with her.

Scenes 2009