CharActers 2010


Jan manages to escape from captivity and meets Pascualina in London. Jan, however, seems to be a different person. He is obsessed with the idea of returning to Russian and demonstrating he is able to clean his father's name without being coerced. Pascualina fails to make him change his mind and finally travels with him and her father to Moscow in an attempt to make him reason. As soon as they walk across the Red Square, Andriev shows up bringing with him all the memories lived with Pascualina. Pascualina knows she was part of his mission, but she trusts in the truth of his feelings. Her heart is confused but decides to stay by Jan and asks Andriev not to contact her ever again. Andriev agrees and some days later he travels to Siberia to take control of a political prisoner prison. One night, there is a fire and the prisioners escape and Andriev finds himself in charge of a baby and a boy to whom he promises not to abandon and find their families. The little boy finds Pascualina's email on Andriev's computer and starts communication with her without Andriev knowing.

Jan needs time to make his mind and stays in Moscow. Pascualina returns to her new home in Amsterdam where after a short time she finds out Jan has got married to a Russian girl to get the nationality. Despite her feelings of sadness, the unexpected situation Jan is involved into forces Pascualina to end their relationship. Pascualina has done her very best but she cannot force Jan's decisions. Pascualina now is free and her heart immediately turns to the memories of Andriev.

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