CharActers 2011


Pascualina's feelings are deep and it is hard for her to forget the intimacy of her conversations with Andriev. Pascualina knows she is the reason why Andriev has changed his hostile and suspicious attitude towards a more positive and generous view of life. It is true she has asked him not to contact her ever again and that her father does not agree a relationship between them. Pascualina is a teenager and Andriev is part of a world of mysteries and intrigues. 

During a trip to Bulgaria, she decides to stop in Moscow just for the sake of remembering him. To her surprise, Andriev is at the train station and together they spend the day walking the city. Pascualina tells him her family has forbidden her to see him but Pascualina hopes to see him again in few months when she returns for the award celebration of one of her theater partners. Andriev is disappointed and tries to make his life with another girl, but when months later he meets Pascualina again he realizes that he has not forgotten his love for her.

The next day he has to start a new mission where he has to solve the illegal sale of wolves' skins in Kihi and invites Pascualina to join him. Pascualina and Andriev know this is their last chance they have to decide for the love they feel for each other. Pascualina decides for love and informs her father about her decision. She knows she has acted against her father's will but she prefers to be honest and tries to persuade her father about Andriev's good nature. Pascualina helps Andriev to meet his mother again and unveil his father's true identity. Knowing the origins of Andriev's family reassured Pascualina's family. At last, Pascualina and Andriev were officially in a relationship.

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