CharActers 2013


Pascualina's heart has grown up and understands it is not easy to be the girlfriend of a policeman and that their love must be supported by trust.

Tosha´s mother has died and Pascualina accompany her to attend the funeral in Sophia. Andriev arrives from Moscow. Their always intimate and deep conversations reveal a certain degree of concern on Andriev. He is in charge of guarding the daughter of a millionaire while the transaction of the buying and selling of land in the outskirts of Moscow is completed. Andriev knows the operation can turn complicated any minute. 

While Pascualina is waiting for the train to get back to Amsterdam she meets Danitza, a shy but warm girl and decides to travel with Danitza and her mother on the same coach to have some company. Not long after crossing Russian territory the train is derailed by an explosion. Pascualina accepts to stay with Danitza's family in a Cozac farm. The situation turns more and more mysterious as Pascualina is continuously controlled and prevented from any contact with her family. She does not know, but she is witness of the preparations to kidnap the daughter of the Russian millionaire. Before Pascualina learns about the plans, she is rescued by Andriev and together travel back to San Petersburg and at the same time the girl is kidnapped. Andriev is intentionally made prisoner in order to protect the girl and together are taken to a deserted building. Even though he manages to free the girl, the confusion caused within the group of kidnappers put the building on fire and it explodes. Andriev's death is assumed.

Scenes 2012