CharActers 2013


In order to recover from Andriev's death, Pascualina shelters herself in a medieval castle in the middle of the German Black Forest where a course on Medieval Enlightenment is given. A subject she had always wanted to learn and that is also useful to heal her state of sadness. Surrounded by forest and exuberant nature Pascualina is beginning to start the slow process to forget Andriev. To her astonishment, she starts not only to constantly dream of him but a series of unexplainable incidents prevent her from forgetting Andriev's memories. Libia, a mysterious quiet girl who lives in the castle is especially intriguing and does not cease in her efforts of not letting Pascualina forget Andriev. Pascualina is determined to forget Andriev but little by little she is being guided by bizarre events to the encounter of new characters. She never thought Andriev was miles away in a serious coma in a hospital. From the world of dreams Andriev tries to make contact with Pascualina and prevent her from forgetting him. 

Scenes 2013