He is a serious, practical and objective driven man. He lived his childhood in the companion of his mother and stepfather in Vyborg. At the age of 14 he joined the police force academy and lost all contact with his mother until some years later he and Pascualina met her again. He met Pascualina in Berlin where he had been sent to guard her and ensure she would not approach Jan while he was kept in captivity in Moscow. The time Andriev spent with Pascualina made him have second thoughts about his idea of life. When he met Pascualina something very deep changed inside him. He had always tried to defend himself and keep his feelings to himself in view of rational objectives. He sees Pascualina as a partner with deep and mature feelings who he can trust. His love for Pascualina is so profound that even in the state of coma he is, he fights against death and from the world of dreams where he is trapped tirelessly tries to find the way to communicate with Pascualina and let her know he is alive and preventing her to forget him.