Jan Pavlickova

Jan is a sensitive, happy and good hearted artist who met Pascualina in Bruges where he was sent by his grandfather to help children suffering from cancer at a hospital where the grandfather is a benefactor. He lived in Prague until he was 18 with his grandfather who owned a puppet workshop. However, since Jan was very young he joined the Ukranian Great Circus that was constantly touring through Europe. The Circus became his true family. Not long before he met Pascualina he had reached certain stability and maturity however his life dramatically changed when he learnt the truth about his parents who had been well known Russian artists that defected from the soviet regime to later die in an ambush.  From the moment he is arrested in Moscow, he is obsessed by the idea of cleaning his father´s name. The emotional uncertainties suffered during his childhood became deeper and unbalanced him emotionally. The first characteristics that Jan admired and attracted him to Pascualina were her artistic spontaneity and sensitivity. He conquered her friendship in Bruges under the disguise of a medieval villager but after revealing his true identity and beginning a romance with Pascualina he was constantly harassed by jealousy he felt towards Pascualina´s former boyfriend. Nowadays he lives in Moscow where he bought his father´s circus and works to organize again a stable show. His last encounter with Pascualina was in Lichtenstein where he asked her in a brief conversation to give him a new opportunity.