Pascualina is a thoughtful person with a huge internal world who develops her attitude towards life as she is aware of other people´s worlds. Her strength consists of always seeing the positive side of things, learning from events and trusting there is always a purpose in everything in life. Her sensibility and deepness make her difficult to forget people, in special those who have shared significant moments of her life. It is in her nature to go beyond the barriers of other people´s world and become close to those people. She makes other people´s suffering and pains as her own. She has never felt love as the one she feels for Andriev whose maturity and quietness plus his enigmatic personality complete her life. The news about Andriev´s death made her to look for some solitude in Lichtenstein where she can meditate and think quietly. As the only option to move on with her life, she decides to forget him however she has found him again in her dreams. During her stay at the castle, Libia´s participation and a series of mysterious events that she cannot understand yet have made her discover Andriev is alive in a deep state of coma in a hospital in Russia. She never thought life would bring Andriev back. Pascualina feels she has being born again.