Thimotei & Tonia

Timothei and Tonia are the two children Andriev rescued after the fire. Timothei became very fond of Andriev and begged him not to abandon him. Andriev was truly moved and decided to find out about his family. During the time Timothei and Andriev are together, Timothei contacts Pascualina through Andriev´s email and a special friendship is born between them. Through this correspondence, Timothei maintained Pascualina in Andriev´s memories.

Tonia is the nine months baby rescued along with Timothei by Andriev after the fire in the orphanage. Timothei and Andriev did not know how to look after the girl and it is in that precise moment that Timothei contacts Pascualina by email to ask her for help. Tonia is a sweet girl and Andriev is seriously thinking of looking after her permanently. Andriev is unable to find much about her family, except that her mother was from India and had died.